Our Mission


 The Ultimate Gift Foundation
A 501 (c) 3 non-profit
charitable foundation

The Prema Sai Maa World Center for Global Resources provides monetary resources, materials, manpower, expertise, technology, assistance and support for Global Solutions for a kind, just, humane and Unified World.

This world is rich in resources, ingenuity, compassion, technology, and innovative minds, but lacks a global unity with which to raise the consciousness and restore harmony, balance, community, and to thrive as a Unified World.

Through the Prema Sai Maa Global Initiative Trust Fund, established under The Ultimate Gift Foundation, a non profit 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, we will provide free of charge to all without question or qualification of need:


Medical Resources


Providing Medical Camps traveling to those without access to care  medical, dental, vision, hearing, childbirth/midwifing, supplements/nutritional therapy as well as education to Ayurvedic living for eating healthy foods, energetic medicines, and harmonizing the body for health and total well-being.

Providing medical supplies and staffing to existing (stressed) hospitals/clinics so they may offer free services to those in need

Clean Sustainable Organic Non GMO Food

Supporting existing and newly developing methods in sustainable agriculture, farming, gardening methodology/technology to provide the world with the ability to grow clean locally grown food abundantly without chemicals with minimal need for land or water, accessible to all.  

Supporting programs that encourage, teach and support communities and individuals to turn their acreage, yards and community common areas into food gardens and orchards, providing healthy, nutritious, organic,  non GMO food that is available to all 

Innovation, Inventions, Technology

 There are many great inventors and visionaries creating solutions on all levels, technology for free energy, water purification, water generation, self-sustaining agriculture providing clean healthy food from small spaces and little water, ocean cleaning, housing solutions, the list of great inspired minds creating soulful solutions for a harmonious, healthy planet and global well being are endless.  Yet they lack the resources, the support, the technology/lab/space/materials to bring their innovation into production and/or global distribution.  

We seek to provide the future innovators with the facilities, materials, support, financial means, and safety with which to create and freely share and distribute their inventions/technology where and how they are best utilized 


Offering financial assistance to start-ups, existing non profits and humanitarian/global care/service organizations so they may continue to grow, expand, and provide a greater reach of their services to the world.

Provide needed resources to replicate/modify their services to globally address the needs in each country/culture



Providing food, housing, clothing and support to the displaced refugees, homeless, destitute, traumatized, and mentally/spiritually ill citizens, giving opportunities for education, healthcare, and stability to provide them an opportunity to return to a meaningful, enriching life thereby restoring their humanity and dignity.



Providing financial resources, technology, manpower and coordination to reforest the globe

Wildlife/Animal Preservation Re-education

 Supporting organizations that give animals (whether homeless, stray, feral, used for farming, research, fighting, circuses, laboratories, trophy hunting, poaching, etc.) a new life, re-educating society as to the value and true nature of animals and offers solutions to stop the misuse, abuse, and extinction of animals 

Globally Connecting

Connecting the world through technology with humanitarian resources, technology, science, information, education to build a Global Community

Community and Global Development

  • Medical Care, Feeding the homeless and poor
  • Animal Relief Aid
  • Restructuring of Orphanages, Old Age Homes, Foster Programs, Animal Shelters
  • Supporting Free Energy Programs - Innovations
  • Replanting the Earth Creating Wildlife Habitats 
    Water Preservation, Clean up, Resource Availability
    Sustainable Gardening
  • Community Outreach Programs via Prema Sai Maa Centers
    Financing for Entrepreneurs, Farmers, Startups, Inventors
    Re-purposing Resources to Active NPOs
    Providing Free Training for Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Providers that is Vaccine Free and Holistic in Approach
  • Providing jobs/opportunities within the Prema Sai Maa Centers/Hospitals and Medical Camps for doctors, nurses, and healers to safely practice alternative health, healing, medicinal and non government approved methodologies. Providing Natural/Alternative Medicine
  • Clear Cut Reforestation =  Jobs for Countries
    International Funding = Funding Jobs to Sustain Country w/o Selling Rainforests, Land, Natural Resources to Govs or Corps
  • Indigenous Repair, Support
  • Databases Interconnecting Outreach Programs, NPOs, with each other, Science, Technology, Education, Inventions/Solutions, Success Idea Sharing
    Free Education for Children, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Alternative Healing Practitioners

How We Will Do This

  1. Through the generous contributions, utilizing our unified globalized team of:  Volunteers/Sevas  -  providing manpower, support, technical support
  2. Bringing together into a globally accessible digital database and research facility existing technology, invention, science, medicine, information, research, knowledge bases
  3. Funding and supporting existing charities, non-profits helping take their successful approach further into development/growth, further into reach/scope of offering their services, and replicating worldwide their successful approach
  4. Bringing those in need of jobs together with those in need of seva workers, manpower, knowledge, technical/trade skills and knowledge
  5. Bringing those with innovations for the betterment of society together with the facilities and materials needed to safely and effectively create, develop and implement innovations

We can do this with your help

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