Helping those who served our Country

It begins in our own Home Town

The Ultimate Gift Foundation, along with its founders, are directly impacting the Pensacola, Fl. streets to help the homeless Veterans and those in need.  

Each time I see our homeless Veterans, my heart aches. They deserve so much more than sitting in a freezing, lonely and thankless condition while their life slowly drains to hopelessness. 

While we slept peacefully, they were on acute alert ready to defend our lives, our freedom, our country, ready to die if need be for the cause of justice and freedom for all. 

I want to do something in our own community because it starts here with us, our surroundings, our community, our town, our people, our Veterans. 

We are the Ultimate Gift Foundation 

One way we have begun our work in Pensacola, Fl is by feeding  hungry Veterans along with homeless men, women, children and their animal friends who are sitting on street corners. 


We bring them a hot meal in a Tupperware container along with plastic ware and bottled water. We bring them warm socks to help keep their feet warm and dry. We will also be providing more clothing and back packs as we receive new donations.

The Ultimate Gift Foundation also supports  the Waterfront Rescue Mission in Pensacola with monetary Donations. This allows  the Mission to offer a place for homeless Veterans to have a good nights sleep in a bed rather than on a cold street corner or alley.

The Ultimate Gift Foundation is also part of the Facebook and Paypal  matching Donations for "Giving Tuesday"  which happens periodically throughout the year.

We encourage all non-profits 501 C 3s to do this for your own local to help those that are right there in front of you. 

We can all do our part to support our community with an open heart, ready to volunteer even a little of our time and energy which will help bring the necessities they need. 

Thank you for caring, for your support and commitment to helping all in need.

Many blessings to your kindness. ~Ray~ co-founder, The Ultimate Gift Foundation 

Please use the Donate Button below. Thank you.  At Paypal you may use your paypal account or any Credit Card. 

Just for You

Paying it forward.  You can personally help a Veteran, even one you have never met. Your community will have a homeless shelter, a Veterans Hospital or you may just find them on the street, a park bench or on a beach.  There's something you can do, seek inside, you are empowered to act. Follow your guidance and act on it today.  You are needed.   Blessings to you, kind soul. 

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Helping Vets

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Make a large kettle of pasta


Pasta is a wonderful food to share. It goes a long way, is economical and will sustain the body for several hours.

Use Tupperware to keep your food warm


Pack warm containers in a couple of grocery bags or box to keep warm

We packed 16 large Tupperware containers with Pasta along with plastic ware and bottled water


You can fit a lot of containers of food and water in the trunk of your car

April 12th, 2019, we found Mark on the streets of Pensacola, Fl in a wheel chair


Mark was one of many we fed on this day, we found 15 others as well needing food and water

Anah Maa sharing a kind word and food with Mark


Our founder, Anah Maa is also the founder of The Prema Sai Maa World Center for Global Resources

Community Giving begins by saying "YES!"


From the words of my friend and gifted song writer, Scott Beck from Sedona, AZ

"It's not religion to Love and be Kind. We ALL

have a Mission, so Let Your Light Shine"

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


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