In this new program created by the Ultimate Gift Foundation we are excited to have you join us.

This is a program about specific needs fulfilled. This is how it works.

Each month we begin a new campaign. When you make your first "Donation"you become an Honorary Member

We will email you a down loadable Certificate of Membership in the Ultimate Gift Foundation

As a Member you may also suggest worthy causes to support. We will consider all charitable causes.

Our first cause is two fold 1) Back packs for homeless Vets and 2) a new Computer for the Foundation

Your donation will help us fund 15 Backpacks for Vets that we will fill with much needed items for their daily survival on the streets.  Food, water, dry socks and under ware along with tooth brushes, tooth paste and other toiletries will be included in each Back Pack. We estimate that the cost will be about $390 to supply 15 Vets with filled Back Packs. 

Along with this goal we are also raising  $800 for a new computer.  Our old computer is over 10 years old, has traveled around the world with us and has finally worn out.

 This is our first month's specific cause for May and June, 2019.  Your "Donation" is greatly appreciated as we move forward in our programs that addresses both the local needs of our community such as caring for homeless Veterans, to our world causes for caring for the hungry, homeless and those in need of clean drinking water in less fortunate countries. 

 Please visit each of our pages to view our programs and causes to help bring solutions to the world's needs and challenges. 

Thank you for joining us and for your kind and thoughtful Donation. 

We would love to have you as a Member and monthly subscriber to our Foundation.

Membership Certificates will be sent to the email address shown on your Pay Pal account unless you specify another address. At the PayPal Donation page you may use your PayPal account or any Credit Card to complete your Donation. Use the Contact page to connect with us directly to send your Membership Certificate to a different email address.  Thank you. 

Join us TODAY and make TOMORROW a brighter world for those we help. Thank you for being a valuable Member of The Ultimate Gift Foundation. 

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